Mark 7

The Pharisees questioned why Jesus’ disciples do not wash according to tradition and Jesus replied with a reproof spoken through Isiah; they neglect the commandment of God to hold to their traditions. Then Jesus gave an example of how they violate the fifth commandment but hold to a tradition set by man. Jesus declared that nothing outside a man, even if it enters him, can defile him, it is the evil that comes from a man that defiles him.  Jesus explained to his disciples that food cannot defile a person but evil thoughts, words and deeds do defile. Jesus healed a non-Jewish woman’s child, because she did not put herself as deserving of the grace given to the Jews but willing to receive even a scrap. Jesus gave a deaf man with garbled speech, hearing and comprehensible speech; because of this and other miracles like it, the name of Jesus was being exalted amongst the people.
There are three principles that we should take from this text:
First, all commandments are love of God and love o…

Mark 6

Jesus was not excepted in his hometown; therefore he could do no work of power their except to heal a few sick people. Jesus sent out the twelve to cast out demons, heal the sick and preach that men should repent; they were to trust that their own needs would be provided through hosts in each town. The people were saying that Jesus was either John the Baptist risen from the dead, or Elijah, or like one of the other old testament prophets. Herodias used Herod’s pride to coerce him to kill John the Baptist because she hated him for preaching that her marriage to Herod was unlawful. When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus all that they did and taught. Jesus took them to a secluded place at which he feed five thousand to their satisfaction from five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus sent his disciples away in a boat and sent the people away, so he could be alone to pray. Sometime between 3-6 a.m., Jesus came walking on water to the disciples who were struggling with the wind …

A Weighty Text

Text: Mark 5
Jesus sent out a multitude of unclean spirits from a possessed man who lived in a city on the east shore of the sea of Galilee. The man wanted to go away with Jesus right then and there, but Jesus sent him to be a witness to his people of the great things that Jesus had done and how God had mercy on him. On the other side of the sea of Galilee, a synagogue official asked Jesus to come heal his daughter, Jesus went with him and a crowd followed. A woman who had suffered a hemorrhage for twelve years, reached out and touched the outer garment that Jesus wore and she was healed because of he faith in Jesus. In the mean time, the synagogue official’s child died, but Jesus said that she is asleep and when he commanded that she get up, she immediately got up and began to walk.
While reading this text I felt the wait of it. A non-Jewish man was healed from about two thousand demons (for that was the number of swine); a Jewish synagogue official implored Jesus to come and heal his …

Mark 4

Jesus spoke to the crowd of people from a boat, launched just off the shore. Jesus told his disciples that they have been given the mystery of the kingdom but those outside get everything in parables, less they return and be forgiven. Jesus explained the parable of the sower of seed and the soils to his disciples but did not explain the meaning to those outside the kingdom. Jesus told his disciples take care, listen and more shall be given you, but for those on the outside, even what they have shall be taken away. Jesus related the kingdom of God to that of a farmer sowing and harvesting his crop. Jesus related the kingdom of God to a very small mustard seed that grows larger than all the other garden plants. Jesus publicly spoke in parables but privately explained the meaning to his disciples. Jesus commanded the wind and sea.
The main point of this chapter is not the parables but who is in the kingdom and who is not. Jesus chose his disciples and they left all to follow him. He expla…

Mark 3

The Pharisees angered that Jesus would heal a man, in a synagogue, on the Sabbath, conspired to destroy him. After this, Jesus withdrew to the sea and a boat was prepared for him to allow a bit of separation from the large crowed who gathered because of his healings. Jesus went up on a mountain where he called the twelve to be with him, to preach and cast out demons. The crowds made it difficult for Jesus and the twelve to even eat a meal; therefore, his family believed that he had lost his senses but the scribes were saying that he was possessed by the ruler of demons. However, it was not logical for Satan to cast out Satan; therefore, Jesus said that all sins shall be forgiven men except for blasphemes against the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ declared that whoever does the will of God is his brother and sister and mother.
The Pharisees had no compassion for others but were strict legalist. They wanted the law observed no matter what the outcome meant for individuals. The main point of Jesus’ …

A Change of Mind

Mark 2
Jesus returned to Capernaum where he forgave the sins of a paralyzed man, to the consternation of the scribes; therefore, Jesus healed him, the man picked up the pallet that he had been brought in on and walked out in the sight of everyone. Jesus called Levi who had been near by and he followed him. Jesus ate in Levi’s whom with Levi’s friends but the Pharisees questioned his eating with sinners. Jesus indicated that people fast when they are in great need. People who are use to the old way cannot except the new. The Lord of the Sabbath declared that the Sabbath was made for the good of man. 
A man can forgive sins that are committed against him but not the sins committed against another man. However, all sin is against God, therefore, God can forgive all sin. The Scribes being versed in the Scriptures understood this, so when Jesus forgave the sins of this man who had done nothing wrong to Jesus’ they called it blaspheme. The man had not stolen from Jesus, he had not committed a…

Do Likewise

Mark 1
The gospel of Mark begins with a quote from Isaiah about a messenger being sent before the Lord. John, who baptized people with water was that messenger. When Jesus was baptized by John, the Spirit of God descended upon him and God said, “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Jesus compelled by the Spirit, went from there into the wilderness for forty days, tempted by satan but ministered to by angels. After John’s imprisonment, Jesus began preaching about the kingdom of God and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Jesus called his first disciples who left all to follow him. In Capernaum, on the Sabbath, Jesus taught in the synagogue where he rebuked an unclean spirit and cast it out of a man. Jesus healed the fever of Simon-Peter’s mother in-law and she served him. That evening, Jesus began healing illnesses and casting out demons. In the morning, Jesus went out to pray but when his disciples found him, they…