The Basics

Earlier this week I was amongst a group of people talking. They were talking about how each of them cheats on their taxes. One woman said she never cheats she just always puts down $500 for charitable giving after admitting that she doesn’t really give it. She stated everyone does. If that’s not cheating what is? As this group talked they all discussed the different ways they lie on their tax returns and the things they would say if they thought they could get away with it. Not a single person said they felt bad about lying and in fact were all boastful about their lies. Each one of these people would say they are a Christian if asked, I know this because I have asked each of them. I sat there not knowing what to do or say, it really bothered me a lot to see this. People that claim the name of Christ but are unregenerate, even boastful and proud of their sins, it makes me wonder how this can be. It made me ask have they really heard the gospel. Well if the entire gospel they get is from church probably not. What happened to repentance? You can sit in almost any church in America and it is very doubtful that repentance is even mentioned. This is huge! My bible has repent plastered throughout it. Repenting is basic to Christianity, yet you rarely today ever here it mentioned in church. Something is gravely wrong.

What are the basics to becoming a Christian? The writer of Hebrews in 6:1 states specifically what the basics are. “Surely we don’t need to start again with the fundamental importance of repenting from evil deeds and placing our faith in God.” So the basics are repenting from evil deeds and placing our faith in God. Each and every person on earth has sinned. What is Sin? “Sin is contrary to the law of God~1 John 3:4.” Sin simply put is breaking God’s laws. You know the Ten Commandments of God, that’s God’s law. Lying by the way is breaking the 9th Commandment. Sinning is breaking God’s commandments. Jesus came into this world as a man subject to the law and didn’t once sin. He was perfect in thought, word, and deed. The Bible says there is a price to pay for sinning and it is death. Jesus took the punishment in our place for sins. Salvation is a free gift of God for all who will receive it but not everyone does. Jesus and the Bible are very specific on what you must do to be saved. Mark 1:15 Jesus said: “Repent of your sins and believe the good news.” Repentance is a must it is not an option. The way to salvation is not walking down a church aisle and saying a prayer, the way to salvation is not asking Jesus into your heart, neither one of these is biblical it is just accepted practice. The way to salvation is repenting of your sins and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. When peter was asked the question what must I do to be saved in Acts 2:38 and 3:19 he said “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God so your sins may be wiped away?” Paul Said in Acts 20:21 “I have one message for Jews and Greeks alike-The necessity of repenting from sin and turning to God, and of having faith in our Lord Jesus.” In Acts 26:20 he said: “all must repent of their sins and turn to God.”

To be saved you must repent of your sins and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!

REPENT: Means that you feel remorse for your sins and turn away from them and instead turn to Jesus Christ.

TRUST: means believing that Jesus died for your sins was buried and rose on the third day and accepting His sacrifice for you. It means I’m going to follow Jesus, I’m going to do what He says.

This is so vitally important we are talking about your life here. If you have not repented (turned away from your sins and turned to Jesus) I implore you to do so today. Get down on your hands and knees and confess all of your sins to God. Tell Him about the things you’ve done the things you’ve put in place of Him and beg Him to forgive you of all of your sins and put your faith in Jesus Christ, follow Him he is your Lord do what he says and walk in His ways. You will move from death to life and He will give you His spirit as a deposit for your salvation. Get to know Him better, pray to Him read your Bible and do what it says. Know that “God saved you by grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. ~Ephesians 2:8-9 ” So leave from here today depart from sin and trust alone in Jesus Christ. Once saved will you sin again mostly likely yes, you are still human but there is a difference, once saved you sin against your will for you will is to follow Jesus. What do you do if you fall into sin once saved? Confess your sins to God turn from sin and follow Him, he will forgive you. (See 1 John 1:9) Repent, you must repent. "Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.~3 John 1:11"

Repent of your sins and trust alone in Jesus Christ!

God Bless,