Beautiful Day

I would like to share with you briefly the wonderful day that God created and gave me yesterday of which I am very thankful. I have been working nights so I don’t have many mornings awake. Yesterday I arose at 8:30am without much sleep but enough to get by, as is my habit I read my bible then spent time in prayer and was off to Sunday school and Church with my wife. In Church I heard a powerful sermon given through a guest speaker, (Kevin Kirkland) who had just done our church youth group’s DNow weekend, this man preached the law and the gospel beautifully and it was so sweet and wonderful to my ear and my heart, stirring within me the Spirit of the Lord. Also spoke of buying back children from the world.

I went home to write but what I’m writing is nowhere even close to putting on the internet yet for I need to do some more reading, the more I unpack this the more there is to unpack, it is so wonderful and amazing as God is wonderful and awesome. If you have read my blogs you will know that God has had me focusing intently on Romans Chapter three specifically a single passage in chapter 3 and now on a single word and as I’ve been going back to the original language and unpacking this it is awesome indeed and I can’t wait to share with you what God has lead me to.

So after I was done researching and studying His word I set out about 4:00 PM with my cross to do some evangelism. Why do I spend my time off work when others are relaxing out in a community that really doesn’t want me to be there, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ? Two reasons really and they can both be found in Mark 16, verses 15 & 16.

1. Jesus Christ saved me; His blood is the covering for my sins. How can I not spend my time glorifying Him? “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
2. I know that whoever believes in Him and is baptized with the Holy Spirit (born again) is saved from the wrath of God; but whoever doesn’t believe is condemned. How can I not spend my time warning men and telling them the Way of salvation in Jesus Christ; that through Repentance (changing their mind) and faith (believing) their sins are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ? “He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.”

I stayed out with the cross at the corner of Southtown Dr. & Broadway Ave. across from Wal-Mart until about 5:20 pm then headed over to the church to meet with a group for a ministry project that I cannot disclose at this time. We all headed out together to Father Heart Ranch (a ministry of Living Alternatives).

I have to tell you this is a beautiful property with an even more beautiful ministry. There are several things happening on the property.

1. A maternity group home in which they take in young girls who are pregnant, unwed and support them through their pregnancy to carry to term and either teach them and give them the tools they need to care for the child themselves or support them in giving the child up for adoption. All done through biblical teaching and every girl is given the gospel of Jesus Christ and is lead through scripture as a disciple.
2. Group foster homes for orphaned children who are also raised and nurtured in a loving biblical environment and are brought up in a loving way and are taught the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After seeing this with my own eyes I have to tell you I was completely in awe of the power of God and all that He can do in a sinful world through His children. Thank You Lord for a wonderful day!

Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved,
Mike Peek a slave of Jesus Christ