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Murder is defined as the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another (Google) or the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought. (Merriam-Webster) By either definition it is planned and carried out by one human being taking the life of another intentionally. Irregardless of what laws man makes, the laws of man will never supersede or trump the laws of God, men may suppress this in there unrighteousness or selfish evil intents but every person has the laws of God written on their hearts. The sixth commandment says “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13) and all nations (all people groups) know this in their hearts, even though they suppress this in their unrighteousness. The country that I live in has legalized murder, the murder of children in the womb. This was legalized by a decision of the U.S. Supreme court on January 22, 1973 on a case of, Jane Roe vs. Henry Wade. (Wikipedia) Since that decision there have been over 53 million lives taken through what is called ‘Doctor assisted abortion’. ( There are instances for whatever reason that a baby does not make it to term and dies while still in the womb, the natural process is for the women’s body to abort the remains of the life that had ended, this is a horrific tragedy to any expectant couple. I have held the hands of friends who lost there unborn babies in this way and they are crushed. A ‘Doctor assisted abortion’ is much different. In a ‘Doctor assisted abortion the baby in the womb is alive and through many different techniques that I don’t want to even go into, the life of the baby is taken and then the remains are removed. Think about that for a minute, on one hand you have a women who wants to have a child and the child dies in her womb and her body expels the remains, and on the other hand you have a woman with a live baby who doesn’t want it so she has a doctor kill it and forcibly remove it from her body. The woman who wanted her child knew that the child in her womb was at one time a living person and that is why she grieves. The woman who has her child killed by a doctor and forcibly removed does so with the knowledge that the baby in her womb is a living person but suppresses that knowledge in her selfish unrighteousness and the doctor and nurses that perform the act do so with full knowledge that the baby in the womb is a living person but suppress it in there unrighteousness of greed for money. Regardless of what the U.S. Supreme court says it is murder, it is one human being taking the life of another human being with malice aforethought.

Why am I writing this? The reason I am writing this is because in the United States of America is in an election year. While I am not interested in politics or the wrangling there of, in fact I most often do not watch the news because of this and especially the 24 hour news networks of FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. But I have friends that do, I have made mention of my concerns for the two men running for President of this country and I have made mention that I will not vote for either, so I am writing this as an explanation for this decision. As I have made it know in the previous paragraph, assisted abortion is murder and I will not support it in any form. The Democratic Party in their 2012 platform has stated that they; “Strongly support Roe Vs Wade and all assisted abortions regardless of ability to pay”, in another words if you can’t afford to have your baby killed they will pay for it for you. They would actually take money from you and me to pay a doctor to kill someone else’s child. That is deplorable! As long as that is the Platform of the Democratic Party I cannot nor will not vote for a Democrat running for any office. If you are a Democrat and running for office and disagree with your parties platform my suggestion is to leave that party.

The Republican Party in their 2012 platform has called for a ban on all ‘assisted abortions’ by constitutional amendment. It seems crazy that you would have to make and amendment to stop the murder of children but that is the way it is in the city of man. I do applaud this platform, but while I applaud this platform the Republican Party has elected as their Presidential candidate a man who is in support of ‘assisted abortion’. How you say? While running for U.S. senate in Massachusetts, he backed abortion rights. Since running for President he has changed his position to saying that he is against abortion except in cases of rape, incest and where the life of the mother is threatened. Basically, his position has not changed, just his wording and regardless of the wording the intentional premeditated killing of a child is murder. (source, Huffington Post)

Now I ask you, how does rape or incest justify the murder of a child? When making the decision to end a life the question shouldn’t be how that life came into being, the question should be is it a human being or is it not and if it is a human being or even if you are not sure there is no justification for killing the child. We have in this country a law called capital punishment; it is set aside for the most heinous of criminals. So are you telling me, in the case of rape or incest you are going to do to the unborn child what is restricted for only the most heinous criminals in our country? Are you going to punish the child with the death penalty for the crime of the father?

Now let’s look at the threat to the life of the mother. I am a Registered Nurse and have worked with critically ill Cardiac patients for many years and while doing so I have had pregnant women as patients. While I cannot go into detail or talk about any of these patients, all of them have a commonality. In each case in no way was the mother at risk because of her child, in fact in every case it was the child who was at risk because of the mother’s health. And in every case great measures were taken to assure the health of the child, with numerous health professionals becoming involved at beck and call at any moment to assure the life of the child. Now explain to me how if all of these people are willing to be involved to assure the life of these unborn children, how does the child suddenly become worthless if she doesn’t want him or her? Let’s say you witness a car accident and one of the cars goes over the side rail into the lake. You pull over get out of your car jump into the lake and swim to the sinking car, in the car is a mother and her child. You are able to get one door open and the one closest to you is the mother and you only are able to rescue one so you hall her out of the car to safety, then watch in sadness as the car sinks containing her child. You were only able to save the mother now tell me how ridiculous would it have been for you to have killed the child before saving the mother, but that is exactly what the proponents of abortion in case of threat to the life of the mother are doing.

Now I realize the Democratic Party has been taken over by the morally corrupt of the land. As their Party platform is in favor of abortion, homosexual marriage, removed the mention of God in their platform and regularly call good evil and evil good. The candidate and current President while though I respect his office and would not say anything ill of him as many do in political wrangling, he is in full support of his parties’ platform so thus he will not get my vote on Election Day. Now while the Republican Party is for a total ban on abortion they have elected as their Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney who is for abortion in rape, incest and where the life of the mother is threatened. While I know and understand that there are many issues at hand in this election and the candidates are vastly different on many topics I cannot nor will not vote in support of anyone who is for abortion in any since of the word, so Mitt Romney will not get my vote either. So what will I be doing on Election Day? I will trust the creator, sustainer, and redeemer of life, The Lord Jesus Christ.

For anyone who has read this I encourage you to go to and watch a 33 minute documentary that will rock your world.

Mike Peek a slave of Jesus Christ

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