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Sexual Immorality Kills

I recently read an article by Sarah Fowler of the “Florida Family Policy Council that said “Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death” I back checked the figures from the article with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and I assure you that the data from that article and the data that I will use for this one are correct. To remain consistent I will use data from the CDC. Here is what the article said about the United States: “Here in the United States, approximately 6,677 people died per day in 2009 (the most recent data available) of all causes (not including abortion). About 4,000 babies die per day by abortion in the US alone. If we add the victims of abortion to the death rate (making the deaths per day 10,677), they account for more than 37% of deaths in the United States. To put that percentage in perspective, 15.3% of that 10,677 die from heart disease (the leading cause of death according to the CDC) 14.5% from cancer, and so on” (Sarah Fowler). You may ask why add th

Christ or Judgment

On 9/21/2012 I took part in a group called project Ezra, reading scripture publicly. I went to the town square in Tyler Texas and read aloud Hebrews chapter 10 then preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in Open-Air. On Good Friday April 6th 2012 I preached my first Open-Air, this is about my 7th Open-Air since then. I'm posting this for three reasons; 1) for the glory of God, 2) that an unbeliever or someone who thinks he is saved may hear it an repent and believe, 3) to encourage all believers to go out and preach the gospel to show that anyone God has saved can do this. This is an audio only, with some pics that have meaning for me. I hope God blesses you and this edifies you. Mike Peek a slave of Jesus Christ If you receive this blog by email you probably can't see the video. Here is the website for the video on Youtube, just click on it and it should take you to the video on Youtube.

A Dead Man Needs a Miracle

Recently I saw this picture on one of my friend’s facebook page, I told him that I was going to use it and he said that he had gotten it from someone else. I recently found out that the picture originated from Sye TenBruggencate . I really liked this picture and the quote on it by Brian Murray, “Salvation is not for a sick man who needs a doctor, but a dead man who needs a miracle.” I decided to use the picture as the wall paper on my facebook page because the picture and the statement fit me for three main reasons and I would like to discuss those here. I am going to begin with the number 3 reason and end with the number 1 reason this picture fits me. 3. The number 3 reason this picture is such a fit for me is that I am by profession a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Registered Nurse and have been so for fifteen years now. It would be safe to say that I have done actual physical C.P.R. on a lot of people, so many that I have no idea how many. When a person goes into Cardio/Pu

It Only Makes Sense

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing in this world that makes sense. If the gospel is truth does anything else matter? Man is sinful and radically depraved and worthy of all condemnation; that means that man is evil. Now contrast that with the fact that God is good, He is Holy, He is righteous, and because He is good the just thing for Him to do is punish man, to separate Himself from man forever. But God made a Way to be just and justifier at the same time, He Himself became a Man in the person of Jesus Christ His only Begotten Son and lived a good, perfect, and righteous life in Him. He Himself bore in His body the full righteous punishment for the sins of man and gave man His righteousness before God. We deserve death, we deserve to be separated from God in Hell for all eternity but God has given us a Way out by the blood of Jesus Christ through faith in Him. When we repent from our sins and by faith and by faith alone receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, God