I'm An Offense

From my birth I have been an offense, I offended my parents and siblings; the first people I knew.

From my childhood I offended my classmates, my teachers, and friends.

As I grew into adulthood I offended coworkers, friends, and aquatintists.

I've offended my wife, my children, my church.

I've offended people in my community, people on the street, and people in stores.

I've offended people on the Internet, people of other countries; if I haven't offended you, just give it time.

But the worst offense of all, I've offended The Lord God, my creator and sustainer, the One who gave me life.

While I will never make amends to the people I've offended The Lord God is all satisfied with me in Christ. He lived a sinless life satisfying the righteousness of God. He died in my place satisfying the justice of God. Through faith in Him I'm justified before God and I'm no longer an offense to God, because the Holy One of God, Jesus Christ, became an offense on my behalf, satisfy the wrath of God.

Mike Peek a slave of Jesus Christ