Valour, Purity, and Justice

The colors of the flag are; red, white, and blue.   What do these colors stand for?

Red: Stands for valour. But the truth is America is a country devoid of valour or bravery. It is a land of selfishness stained by the blood of the innocent, 56 million innocent babies murdered since 1973 for the god of self. 

White: Stands for purity and innocence. But the truth is America is a country devoid of innocence and purity. It is a land filled with gross sexual immorality; adultery, divorce, fornication, lust, pornography, and homosexuality. 

Blue: Stands for vigilance, perseverance, & justice. But the truth is America is a country without vigilance and has allowed itself to be overrun with lawlessness. It is a land where good is called evil and evil called good. 

I will not be celebrating American independence today; America is no different today than the country it fought in 1776, they are one and the same, both led by the corrupt system of this world. Instead I will spend this 4th of July spreading the Word of a different country not made with hands; a land of valour, purity, and justice. That is the Kingdom of God and the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. 

Mike Peek a slave of Jesus Christ