Are you a (πιστευω) pisteuo?

This Greek word (πιστευω pisteuo) is found throughout the New Testament usually translated: Believe, Believes, Believing, Believers, or Believed; for this reason Christians are called Believers. We as Christians are saved by grace through faith in Jesus alone; Jesus laid down His own life on the cross for His sheep.  His sheep are all the believing (pisteuo) in Him. So if all the believing in Christ Jesus are saved; why does it seem that some bear good fruit while others bear bad fruit? For this reason English translations need explanation. The great English preacher of the 19th century Charles H. Spurgeon said; "Faith has three parts; knowledge, belief, and trust." There are a great number of people who have knowledge of Jesus, there are many people who believe in Jesus, but there are only a few who trust in Jesus. The literal understanding of pisteuo is to entrust.

A slave of Jesus Christ