A Picture of a Christian

Nomianism is a fancy theological term that means with law. Nomianism is the belief that Jesus is Lord, but His sacrifice on the cross alone is not a sufficient enough payment for your sins. Roman Catholicism is such a religion.

The reformers knew that this was not biblical Christianity so the protestant reformation happened. Scripture alone would once again be the authority of God among believers. Salvation is by the grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus alone, and is for the glory of God alone.

Out of the protestant reformation something else would then arise; it is the religion of Antinomianism. Antinomianism is a theological term that means without law. Antinomianism is the belief that Jesus sacrifice on the cross is payment in full for your sins, but that you do not need to capitulate to Him as Lord.

Neither Nomianism nor Antinomianism are biblical Christianity. The attached picture is allegorically a Christian. Not the man seen on the carriage, but the entire picture is allegorically a Christian. The horse represents his faith in Christ Jesus. The man on the carriage represents the Helper, the Holy Spirit. The carriage represents his good works. You cannot see the Christian, because he is in the carriage encompassed by his good works; which is being driven by the Helper, and pulled along by his faith in Christ Jesus as both Lord and Savior.

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