Genesis 29-31

Jacob served Laban 14 years for his two daughters Leah and Rachel; 7 years each. Then Jacob served Laban another 6 years after that for a total of 20 years. Rachel is the one Jacob loved. Jacob agreed to work 7 years to receive Rachel as his wife, but when the time was completed Laban gave to him his oldest daughter Leah as his wife. This angered Jacob, but he agreed to work another 7 years to receive the one he loved, Rachel as his wife. Why would the Lord allow Laban to treat Jacob this way? After all doesn't the scripture say that the Lord loved Jacob? "Just as it is written, 'Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." (Rom.9.13). If Laban had given Jacob Rachel first he would have been satisfied and never taken Leah as his wife. Leah's fourth son was Judah through whom the seed that blessed the world would come. Jesus Christ the Lord.

Genesis 29, 30, 31