Genesis 36-39

Esau's sons intermarried with the Canaanites and became a nation in the mountains of Seir southwest of the dead sea.

Of all the individuals in the Old Testament that are a type of Christ, Joseph screams it. Joseph had a dream that he would rule over his brothers, that they would bow down to him. He told them about his dream, so his brothers hated him for it. He was sent by his father to his brothers, his brothers captured him and wanted to kill him. They didn't want to shed his blood themselves so they sold him to a band of Ismaelites on their way to trade in Egypt.

Jesus was hated by the Jews, He was sent by His Father to His own and they rejected Him. He was sold for a slaves price and was put into the hands of gentiles who mistreated Him.

Joseph was sold into slavery where he prospered in Potiphar's home. He had difficulties with Potiphar's wife who kept trying to get him to lay down with her, she had him imprisoned. While in prison he prospered and found favor with the jailor. All of this was done by the Lord to eventually have him rule in Egypt.

Meanwhile Judah had relations with his daughter in-law Tamar who he thought was a harlot and begot Perez through whom the Lord Jesus Christ would come. It is so amazing to see these types and pictures of Christ and how God uses the wicked plans of men to carry out His good will.

Genesis 36-39