Faith and good works, I think would be a good title for the letter Paul wrote to Titus. Paul has directed Titus to appoint elders in every city on Crete; a man above reproach. Paul immediately begins to talk about those who are not like this, he calls them the circumcision. These men teach the law for sordid gain. These men testify to know God, but deny Him by their deeds. They pay attention to Jewish myths and commandments of men. In today's terms they would be called legalist. 

Just as elders should be above reproach he tells Titus how older men in the church should act as well as older women, teaching younger women. Young men are to be sensible.  Bond slaves are not to be argumentative but well pleasing. I take this to equate to anyone who has an employer. We should live our lives looking for the blessed hope found solely in God our Savior Christ Jesus. We in this life having been purified by His blood should live zealous for good works. 

Paul begins to talk about what this looks like in everyday life. He reminds Titus that we do this remembering how we were before being saved; that is before the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit. We were not saved on the bases of deeds done in righteousness, but by the kindness, mercy, and grace of God our Savior.  

For the bible text use this link: http://olivetree.com/read/nasb/Titus/1