It's a Journal

I have been writing this blog for five years now. When I began to write I did so because the Lord had called me into evangelism. I wrote as a means to tell the world about Jesus and what He has done. I quickly learned that the majority of everyone who read what I wrote are themselves followers of the Lord Jesus Christ so I began to write about doctrine. The Lord is now guiding me into a new direction with this blog and it is where I probably should have been in the first place; that is to simply write about my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as I follow Him along the narrow way.

Therefore, going forward "A Slave of Jesus Christ" will look more like a journal than anything else. I will be journaling a few times a week and then posting publicly what I write. I am constantly thinking about things that the Lord is showing me from His word and also working out the things put into my path (struggles) as I follow after Jesus, seeking to become more like Him. The things that I post will not be edited; as I said, it is a journal. I hope that you glean something from these writings. Peace and grace to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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