Love and Murder

Today I am thinking about love and murder. Love is the opposite of murder. Jesus, during the sermon on the mount gave addendum's to the Law "you shall not commit murder". Murder always begins in the heart. That is why he said that if you even become angry you shall be guilty before the court. That is because anger is the seed for murder. He said, if you say to your brother you good for nothing you shall be guilty before the Supreme Court. Name-calling indicates that you have a spirit of murder welling up within you. Then he says that if you curse someone you are guilty enough to go into the fiery hell. That is because cursing shows hatred, a desire to murder even though that desire may not be carried out to the act. So if your anger boils to the point of cursing or thinking harm towards someone else you have murdered in your heart.

Yesterday my wife and I had traveled to Dallas, Texas, so that I could take a nursing certification exam. On the way home we stopped by my mothers. She proceeded to tell us about how her church had drafted documents on homosexuality and gay marriage and presented this to the congregation. It was then that Darlene said, "Did they address other sins like lying?" Why do we focus on the sins of others, and not our own sin. 1 Corinthians 6:9–10 gives a list of 10 sins to describe the unrighteous; sodomy or homosexuality are one of these, as is Murder, let us never forget that hatred is murder. May we all hate sin; yes I hate all sin, and desire to see all sin die away. But let us hate our own sin more so than the sins of others. Peace and grace to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ son of God.