Encouraged by Students

Last month I wrote you all about my plans to go to the Tyler Junior College every Wednesday morning from 9:30-12:00 preaching the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, passing out Gospel's of John, and talking with students.  After a time of evangelism we enjoy a meal at the Whataburger at Beckham and 5th St from 12:15 - 1:00PM.  Today was the fourth week in a row that we have spent Wednesday morning on campus.  Jason McMurray from First Baptist Lindale has been on campus alongside me each week.  We have been very encouraged this semester.

   At 10 minutes to the hour when students are changing classes I preach a short message about Jesus called Prophet, Priest, & King.  The message takes about 8 minutes to preach.  I then tell the students that I have several copies of the Gospel According to John with me and begin passing them out and talking with students.  We have passed out some 200 Gospel's of John thus far; I usually bring 50 with me and it doesn't take long for them all to be gone.

   Her is what Jason McMurray had to say about today's outreach:  "It was a good day on the TJC Campus today for Mike Peek and I. I got to speak with James from a couple of weeks ago for a few minutes. We got to hear Alex, the young preacher we met last week, preach the Gospel again. The best thing though was that about 4 or 5 students came up to me and inquired if we were from an organization in which the response was yes, our respective churches to proclaim the Gospel. These students all offered words of encouragement. Some said that we were an encouragement to them to embolden them to proclaim the Gospel...Be encouraged church, there are some young adults on college campuses that are not walking away from the faith. Yes it was a good day. Thank you Lord." (McMurray)

   Thank you all for your prayers.  If you are in Tyler on Wednesday and would like some fellowship while eating, stop by the Whataburger on 5th and Beckham.  We plan Lord willing to continue with this ministry throughout the fall semester.

In Christ alone, 
Mike Peek

Salvation from the wrath of God that we all deserve for our sin, is a gift by His grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ the Lord.