Resurrection and Life

I think that it is a strong possibility that John chapter 20 is a new creation narrative keeping with the Johannine theme of the incarnation, God in human flesh. John 20:1-2 Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early on the first day of the week while it was still dark. In the Genesis narrative of creation there was darkness before God said, “Let there be light.” (Gn 1:2-3) John and Peter came running to the tomb, John peered into the tomb, but Peter when he arrived went inside. Peter saw the grave clothing, but when the beloved disciple saw it he believed that the Lord was risen, and yet did not fully understand the scripture. (Jn 20:3-10)
In John 20:11-18 Mary stayed at the tomb weeping which was in a garden. She looked into the tomb and saw to angels in white sitting. I believe that this is a picture of “The Mercy Seat” that sat atop the Ark of the Covenant inside the holy of holies.  (Ex 26:33-34) We know that Mary Magdalene was a sinful woman, she a sinful woman gets the privilege of peering into the holy of holies and sees to angles in white setting who speak to her and ask her why she is crying. She turns and sees Jesus, thinking he is the gardener, he is the true Gardener, the one through whom all things were made. In the Garden of Eden, Eve meet a serpent who deceived her, she ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and gave to Adam, and he ate. (Gn 3:1-6) In the new creation account a sinful woman meets the Gardner who died for her sins. He gives her words of life and tells her to go tell his brethren; she brings them words of life.
In John 20:19-29 Jesus appears to his apostles twice. During the first appearance he appears to them behind closed doors (Thomas is absent), he shows them his hands and his side, breathes on them and commissions them. He appears a second time eight days later when Thomas is there, Thomas then believes, but did not believe the testimony of the apostles given to him before. The apostles are the witnesses of the Lord’s resurrection. It is the apostle’s testimony that is being given in the text of the Gospel According to John. We must believe their testimony. Jesus said, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” (Jn 20:29) Psalm 32:1 says, “How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered!” Jesus promised eternal life to everyone who believes in him. The purpose for the Gospel According to John is so that you may believe. Jesus will return at the end of the age, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”