Since 1997 I have been a Critical•Care•Cardiovascular•Registered•Nurse. Since April 2003 I have been following the Lord Jesus Christ. I am currently in graduate school at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary working towards a Master of Theological Studies. Therefore, this blog is about practical theology; living out the great commandment and great commission through faith in Jesus Christ.

I have changed the name of my blog to The Nurse Theologian, because the name matches two of my great passions in life; taking care of the sick and studying scripture. Sin is a sickness and we all are dying because of it; therefore, we are all in need. This blog will be about practical theology.

"Practical theology is the application of theological truth to all of life, particularly the life and work of the church. While the other theological disciplines are oriented toward understanding God, his work in history, and his revelation in Christ, practical theology concerns our participation with God in the work of bringing that revelation to the church and the world."1

I am concerned that Christians are separating their theology from how they are living their lives. Christianity is more than a simple belief in Jesus. Jesus said repeatedly in the gospels, “Follow Me,” I found 21 passages where this is the theme. Jesus knew His sheep, because they followed Him.2

Jesus taught His disciples the great commandment3 and commissioned them to go make disciples and teach them what He commanded.4  Though I am working towards a Master of Theological Studies this blog will not be academic, it will be about observing all that the Lord has command His disciples.

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