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A. D. 2019: The Week of November 17th to 23rd

This past Sunday, Darlene and I attended Rodney Skyles’ class. Rodney taught a lesson from Matthew 17:24-18:11 , he named the lesson: “Offenses and Humility.” Rodney is the director of operations for 89.5 KVNE Christian Radio for Tyler and Longview, Texas.  He made an announcement in class that interested me greatly because my heart has been lead to Spanish speaking people in missions; therefore, I am actively learning the Spanish language. The announcement is that KVNE would be launching two new Christian radio stations, one of which is a Spanish station (102.3 FM). The station is scheduled to go live in January. This brings me to the reason I am learning Spanish. Why Learn Spanish? Spanish is the heart language of 450 million people world wide, 5.85% of the world population. In the U.S.A., Spanish is the heart language of 41 million people, 13% of the population. Spanish is the heart language of 1 in 8 persons in the U.S.A. A heart language, is the language that you grew up

A. D. 2019: The Week of November 10th to November 16th

This is my blog and the things that I write about are mine. My thoughts, just like everything else that I have, were given to me by the Lord God Almighty; therefore, he alone is worthy of all honor, glory and praise. When someone says to me, “Well I guess I’ll live,” as my patients often respond when I’ve taken their vital signs and reported to them the result. I like to contour: “At least for another 6 minutes.” Reader, that you may know how frail you are, you have only 6 minutes to live after every heart beat. If you do not receive another heart beat you will be irrevocably dead within 6 minutes. Some people are kept alive through Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, that is if CPR is started before the 6 minute life window closes; however, just as receiving a heart beat is a gift, CPR does not originate from the one being resuscitated. This week I started reading the book of Genesis and read through chapter 36. I recited chapters 1-7 from the gospel of John in English, and I have memo

November 3rd to November 9th, 2019

(Overlooking the River at Beavers Bend on Sunday Morning) A blog is a regularly updated webpage written by an individual in a conversational style; therefore I decided that I should write the nurse theologian retrospective of my thoughts, struggles and actions over the previous week. During the past week I read two books: “The law/Grace Controversy” by John G. Reisinger and “The Sovereignty of God” by Author W. Pink. For some, the distinction between law and grace is a struggle and others do not think much of these things.  The “Ten Commandments,” given to the nation of Israel, recorded in Exodus 20 and repeated in Deuteronomy 5, was the covenant foundation by which the nation of Israel entered into a relationship with the Lord God but it is not the covenantal foundation for the church. The covenantal foundation for the life of the church is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (My Mother hiking to the overlook) On Saturday morning I picked up a Bible translation from my shel

A. D. 2019, 10/27 – 11/02

Last week I wrote that I would begin journaling retrospective of the past week; however, I now believe that doing so may be more difficult than I previous envisioned. Some things that happen during the week are very embarrassing to me, but if I’m to do this to the glory of God in Jesus Christ and the good of my neighbor I must be vulnerable. During my personal devotional time I read: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 st & 2 nd Thessalonians, and 1 st & 2 nd Timothy. I do not typically read that many books of the Bible in a week, but I love reading the Pauline epistles because they speak so well to the trials that go on in everyday Christian life. In my recitation practice of John, I recited chapters 8-14; and in my attempt to memorize John’s prolog in Spanish, I have memorized though verse 6. Five times this week I ran in the morning for a total distance of about 27 miles. I used to run many road races when I was younger but do not run them anymore; however, in Marc