February 10th, 2020

Today I read 2 Samuel, chapter 14 – 15, and recited John, chapter 18. I get the picture from these text that we live in a sinful-fallen world, yet I have hope because Jesus Christ is risen and has promised to return and raise all who believe in him (trust) to eternal life in the new heaven and new earth which is yet to come. Jesus Christ has already been inaugurated King but is yet to sit down on his glorious thrown to judge the earth. I am not going to pretended that I fully understand this. I do not understand the lengthy waiting period. I am inpatient. I want to live in the new heaven and new earth now. However, I must live for the kingdom now. Jesus said, to go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. That is all people on the earth. Such an overwhelming task for an individual but can I show one person the way and the truth and the life? Being that yesterday was a Sunday I had the day off from work and spent the morning at Sylvania Church. Phillip preached on Luke, chapter 16, vs. 1 – 13, the unrighteous steward. Phillip seems to interpret the parables contrasting persons in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of man but I take a more narrow approach. I think that the parables are not about those outside of the church but about those who are considered within the church. In another parable (Mt. 13:23-30) Jesus called the true converts wheat and the false converts tares. These will live side-by-side until the end. The unrighteous steward, he is a tare within the church. Could this have been a parable about Judas? I do not know but it seems possible. Yesterday morning I started Spanish – Beginner I – Course 3. This is actually the 4th course since starting spanish lessons. I really do want to learn this language. Also, I wrote down on an index card the final 2 verses or final sentence of John’s prolog in Spanish. I have almost completed memorizing the prolog to the gospel of John in Spanish. The weather was nice; therefore, I spent time cleaning up the front lawn and taking leaves out of the gutters. I also ordered two books: What did Jesus do? And God has a wonderful plan for your life. The second title is in mockery of the modern felt needs gospel because the truth is, if you repent and follow Jesus Christ things in this life might go badly but we are promised heaven.

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