February 11th, 2020

This morning I arose at 4:30am and read 2 Samuel, chapters 16 – 18; David’s fleeing across the Jordan into Galilee and the death of David’s rebellious son Absalom in the forest. I consider the actions of Absalom horrendous and most would agree. He rebelled against his father’s rule and he had sex with his father’s wives on a rooftop in broad day light; however, are not my thoughts, words and deeds rebellious towards my heavenly Father God. My mind is a cesspool of wickedness, my words have been like slashing swords and my actions selfish, yet like David did not want his son to die, and God does not desire that any should perish. I recited John, chapter 19; the torcher, death and burial of the Son of God. When you realize that Jesus death on the cross was for your sins, that changes your entire perspective. Conversion is not a simple belief and repentance is not a simple turning from sin. When you see the light that you have sinned against God and know that Jesus Christ died for your sins it changes everything. Then you are willing to do anything at all for your Lord. I use to call my blog a slave of Jesus Christ because I believe that Jesus purchased me from slavery to sin with his own blood. I changed the name because people did not understand the title to one that combined my work and studies; I work as a Registered Nurse and have completed a Masters degree in Theological Studies. Yesterday was a good day at work because I was needed. It is good to be needed. There were several who needed my knowledge and advice. The days that I do not like my job are the days that I am clerical. I often feel un-needed regarding my Theological Studies. I worked very hard for 3 years completing a masters degree. For this reason I truly enjoyed going to Cuba this past fall because the Cuban pastors desired to hear what I have learned. It is good to be needed. Is it glory that I seek? No, I do not want glory because glory is the Lord’s but I do want to be needed for what I have labored to learn.