February 12th, 2020

Reading: 2 Samuel chapters 19 – 20; David restored as king in Jerusalem.
Recitation: John chapter 20; the resurrection of the Son of God Jesus Christ as Lord and God.
I worked in from 9:30am until 3:30pm. Before lunch I received one patient for assessment and cardiac rehab orientation interview. After lunch I spent the afternoon working on my ACLS re-certification. ACLS stands for Advanced•Cardiac•Life•Support. I first became certified over 20 years ago and I am required to become re-certified every 2 years. This has changed from the past. When I first did these things we did re-certification in a lab and took a written test. Now the entire thing is on a computer except for a check off on a dummy to show that you can do chest compressions. There are several videos to watch and scenarios to do regarding someone having a heart attack, stroke, or going into cardiac/pulmonary arrest. As I watched these, much of the heartache regarding more than 20 years of ICU nursing came back to me and I wept regarding the real death that happened in my sight. After work I spent 30 minutes running on a treadmill. I would have preferred to run outside but it was cold and raining. I felt somewhat depressed and thinking that I am ready for the new heaven and new earth. There is so much conflict in this world even on a day to day basis. Yesterday evening I picked a book off of my shelf and began to read. The book is Through the Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot. Early in the book she said of Jim Elliot in his youth, that he had come to see the Bible as the book above all books and understood that to follow its teaching is not to live a sheltered life but an abundant life. (Elliot, 1996) I have been thinking about my place. What would the Lord have me doing. No man knows the day or our of his own death or the return of the Lord. However, I know based on averages that I have lived two thirds of my life. What would the Lord have me doing for this the last one third as his slave? I am a slave of Jesus Christ for he purchased me with his own blood. (cf.Rv.5:9)