February 16th, 2020

I read 1 Kings, chapters 3, 4, and 5. After sacrificing to the Lord (worship) Solomon slept and in a dream the Lord asked him what he would like the Lord to do for him. Solomon asked for wisdom that he might rule his people Israel. The Lord God granted him wisdom but also gave him riches and power. Thus, the physical promises of  the Abrahamic covenant were fulfilled. God had given Abraham a nation to many to count because they were “as numerous as the sand that is on the seashore,” (4:20, NASB) a land, and a kingdom. God had told Abraham that kings would come from him. One thing remains, that all the nations would be blessed. (Gn 22:18) This would be fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. Judah and Israel thought inwardly instead of outwardly. I personally understand this because it is my nature to think inwardly. I will withdraw to myself, or with those who are closest to me. This must be overcome because the Lord God has given all authority in his son Jesus Christ and he has commissioned the church to go make disciples of all the nations, to teach them all of his commandments, and has promised to be with us always as we are going. Soloman raised up forced labors from Israel to cut down lumber for building the house of the Lord in Jerusalem. I am not sure what to think about this but I believe that it is contrary to the Law but I would have to do some research regarding that in the Law. Yesterday morning, I ran for a little over 1 hour on a route that I enjoy running. I call this route the boot run because the GPS ends up in the shape of a boot. The distance is a little over 12km. I plan to repeat this run again this morning before going to Sylvania church for corporate worship. After running I had a picture printed for mom that she wanted and had it framed. I listened to a commentary on the book of Romans while cleaning the house. I also read chapters out of the book, What did Jesus Do? by Ray Comfort. It was a quite and relaxing day. I spent the day alone because Darlene had gone to Louisiana to visit he family. During dinner I watch a movie called Utopia about golf, set in Utopia, TX. It was entertaining.