February 20th, 2020

During breakfast I continued working on the current Spanish lesson. In my opinion, this lesson is much more difficult than all the previous lessons. I departed for work and used the time alone to practice reciting Juan 1:1-13. I have become fluid in this particular Spanish passage and since I know the word in English; therefore, I understand the word in Spanish. I worked in out patient cardiac rehab from 7:30am – 5:00pm. During one of the morning sessions I received a text message form Paul McClung that he had contacted the brother of the pastor that we worked with in Cuba, telling him not to get visas for us this spring do to his illness. I trust in the providence of the Lord but do not like to see my brother suffering. Also, I am disappointed about not going back to Cuba as planned this spring. The church in Cuba is a beautiful church. The brothers their hunger and thirst for the word of truth. They love God (Father and Son and Holy Spirt) and they love one another. I do not want to make any of this about myself because my brother is suffering; however, I must be honest about my feelings. I have worked hard for the past 5 months trying to learn Spanish, not missing a single day of lessons, and memorizing a lengthy passage of Scripture in that language. I wanted to recite that passage for the Cuban church, so that they might see my love for the word and for them. Lately, I have been trying to figure out my job in the Kingdom. Before going to seminary I new that I was to share the gospel with others, and was busy doing so, open-air preaching at events with sports fan out reach international at the Super Bowl and other sporting events. It seems that I lost my zeal for personal evangelism while taking seminary classes. While taking classes and working a full-time job in nursing my time was limited. My final class was Missiology; therefore, foreign missions was fresh on my mind when I graduated. Lately I have felt a call back to personal evangelism. I need to be warning people of the wrath of God to come and telling them that Christ Jesus took the wrath of God on our behalf, but they must repent and believe. Why did God have me go to Cuba if that is not were he wants me to serve? Was it so that I could document the work Paul McClung did in Cuba these past 20 years? Why did the Lord put it into my heart and mind to go to seminary if I am not to teach his sheep? Why did I loose zeal for personal evangelism? What would the Lord have me doing for His Kingdom? I read 1 Kings 13–15, it seems that the classic prophet is introduced with an unnamed prophet, ”this nameless prophet is a defender of the covenant.”1 The classic prophet’s function: Their role was to challenge the establishment and the social order, to remind the leadership and the people of their obligation to the covenant with Yahweh and to provide warning of the punishment that went with violation of the covenantal agreement.2 Today I will be working a long shift, 7:30am–6:30pm and I plan to do a 30 minute run after work. 

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