February 22nd, 2020

I took the day off from work because I was unable to walk more than a few steps. Darlene got me an appointment with Dr. Hosch who is a pediatrist with Christus Trinity Clinic. He said that I tore the planer fascia. He put me on an anti-inflammatory (Naproxen) for the next 2 weeks and fitted me with an orthopedic boot to immobilize my foot. He said that I am to wear the boot for the next 6 weeks and will not be able to return to running until after he sees me in his office. I am scheduled to see him 6 weeks from now. I do not think that I have gone a month without running in my entire life, probably no more than a week. However, he did say that I can use a stationary bike once the pain is reduced. I guess that will allow me to maintain some fitness but it is nothing like running. Running is not only a fitness activity for me but a mental activity. I do a great deal of thinking while running outside.

I read 1 Kings, chapters 19–22 and recited John, chapter 7. The king of Israel said to the king of Aram regarding his boast that he would defeat Israel: “Let not him who girds on his armor boast like him who takes it off.”1 Do men not boast about their lives. No man knows the day or hour of his death, yet all live as though they will live forever. God has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness.2 It is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment.3 What shall we say to the Lord on the day we take off our armor and the Lord asks, “Have you observed all that I commanded you?” Have you worshiped other gods? Have you made idols of things on the earth to worship? Have you dishonored My name? Have you honored My rest (Sabath)? Have you honored your mother and your father? Have you murdered either in thought or deed? Have you committed adultery with another in thought or deed? Have you taken (stole) what belong to someone else without their permission? Have you coveted the things and persons that I gave to your neighbor? Who, on the day that we take off our armor can boast, “I have observed all that You commanded me, now let me into Your rest?” The Lord will say, “Did not Moses give you the Law, and yet none of you carries out the Law?”4 What shall anyone say on that day but “I have sinned and fallen short of your glory.”5 Nothing in my hands I bring but to the cross of Jesus Christ I cling. Have mercy on me Lord a sinner. In Jesus Christ alone I trust for the forgiveness of my sins. 

1 1 Kings 20:11, NASB, 1995. 
2 Acts 17:31
3 Hebrews 9:27.
4 John 7:19, NASB, 1995.
5 Romans 3:23.