February 24th, 2020

I am reading 2 Kings and this morning I read chapters 6–10. The Lord’s commandments are plain: You shall have no other gods before me, yet much if Israel worshiped Baal. You shall not create in graven images and bow down to them, yet Israel had two temples in which graven images of cows were worshiped as the Lord. You shall not take the name of the Lord you God in vain, yet they counted God’s name as equal to that of the supposed gods of the land. They murdered their neighbors; in my reading this morning a woman boiled and ate her own child. It was so bad that a king of Israel or Judah was considered good if he did not worship Baal or bow down to idols, yet God’s standard is that a man keeps the whole law and does not offended at any point. Israel, Judah and all of mankind; therefore, is in need of forgiveness and the only way for God to be just and justify anyone is for God to have taken our place in judgment and that happened at the cross; however, for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to apply God requires repentance and faith. Being that I cannot run and I am wearing a brace on my right foot I did nothing all day yesterday. I do not like being a sedentary person. I do not understand how anyone could choose to live this way. Darlene and I went to Sylvania church to take part in corporate spiritual disciplines: Worshiping the Lord our God with other believers. Reading and studying scripture; we went to Rodney Skyles class and he taught on Matthew 20:17-28. Phillip Dancy preached on Luke 16:19-31, the rich man and Lazarus. Rodney and Phillip had some incites in these passages that I had not thought about on my own. In Phillip’s sermon, he demonstrated that even in hell, the rich man had more concern for himself and his family than for Lazarus. After church I wrote about Matthew 28:18-20 a piece that I titled The Four All’s of the Great Commission Fulfilled through the Practice of Evangelism and Discipleship. I may adapt this and make it available on-line sometime during the week. I also completed the Spanish lesson that I have been working on: Beginner I–Course3–Lesson 2. It was difficult when I started but after repeated attempts I began to understand the content. Today, I return to work wearing this boot, I am considered about getting to and from my automobile because I have to park a long way from the building, sometimes 1/2 of a mile away. There are buses available nut I have never depended on them before and do not know how frequently they run. Wearing this boot at work shall make for an interesting day.