February 2nd, 2020

I recited John chapter 11 vs 38 – 57 and read 1 Samuel chapters 18 – 20. The text is similar in that Saul sought the life of David because of Jealousy and the chief priest and Pharisees sought the life of Jesus for the same reason. Yesterday morning I ran 15km at a moderate effort in 1 hour and 21 minutes. It was so nice to get outdoors and run. I truly enjoy Saturday morning runs because I have the time to run longer and there is little traffic on the road. The pace as easier than my weekday runs; therefore, I can think. I am often preaching the gospel to myself from the Scriptures. As I ran, I silently recited parts of Paul’s letter to the Romans: chapter 1 vs 16 – 17; chapter 3; and chapter 10 vs 3 – 17. Several years ago, I memorized these because they explained the gospel to me and the purpose for evangelism. The text themselves are a sermon when recited, even without elaborating on the text. I had decided that I would take my lunches out of my department in the common area near the café. Previously I had done this to get away. I would put ear buds in and watch the Andy Griffith show. I had decided that I would no longer put ear buds in that I might be ready to speak to someone about the gospel. An opportunity arose Thursday that I missed because I was reading on my phone. I young man was standing near the table and was at looking for a place to sit. When I looked up it was to late because a man at another table had offered him a place to sit down. If I am to use my lunch break for evangelism I need put away the phone and be ready to invite someone to sit down. This young man had seen that I was in another place and not noticing him. I must be hospitable per first Timothy chapter 3 vs 2. Lord willing my lunch break can actually be used for evangelism. Completed: Spanish – Beginner I – Course 2 – lesson 9.