2 Chronicles 25-27

What does it say?
Amaziah became king and followed the word of the Lord but not with a whole heart. He followed the word of the Lord regarding those who killed his father; therefore, as the word said, he did not kill there sons. Amaziah hired 100,000 troops from Israel to go into battle against the Edomites. A man of God came and told him that if he went into battle with these men God would defeat him but without them he would give him victory; so he dismissed the men but while the army of Judah was fighting the edomites these men attacked the cities of Judah. Amaziah bowed down to idols, the gods of Edom; therefore, God sent him a prophet to rebuke him but he refused to listen. After defeating Edom Amaziah became proud and challenged Joash king of Israel and Joash defeated Judah and took the treasury out of the house of God. Amaziah’s reign would end buy fleeing to Lachish and dying there but he would be buried in Judah. Uzziah became king, like Amaziah, at the beginning he followed the word of the Lord and God prospered him. During his reign, Judah became a war machine and all the surrounding countries feared the army of Judah. He defeated both Philistines and Arabians and built cities of Judah expanding Judah’s borders. Uzziah became proud and took it upon himself to burn incense to the Lord which was only for the sons of Aaron to do; God struck him with leprosy for this, and he lived out his remaining days in isolation. Jotham became king in Judah and he followed the word of the Lord but the people continued in corruption; however, he prospered and built cities in the hill country and defeated the Ammonites who paid him tribute.

What does it mean?
God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble. (Jam 4:6) Amaziah, Uzziah and Jotham, though they were kings of Israel they should have understood their place before the Lord. They should have understood that they were lowly servants of the Lord. All that they had and accomplished came from the Lord. He made them kings of Judah and gave to them victory and spoil. When they humbled themselves before the Lord he prospered them but when they became proud of heart he humbled them.

What shall I do?
I shall realize that I did not create myself but God created me, he knitted me together in my mothers womb and what amazing lovingkindness it was to bring me into this world. He gave me parents to raise me despite my youthful lusts. He has given me a beautiful wife with whom we raised to wonderful children. He has given me a career in nursing to support our household. He has given my an education in theology and his word to study, that I may know and seek him. I shall realize that I am nothing, the Lord is God. He is worthy of all honor, glory and praise. I shall walk humbly before the Lord. When I feel discontentment, may I repent and thank God for all that he has given me. When I feel proud, may I repent and thank the Lord for what he has given me. All belongs to the Lord and I am his servant. I shall be thankful for all that the Lord chooses to do for me and not have expectations beyond what he has promised in his word. He has promised us eternal life in Jesus Christ the Lord.