Nehemiah 1-3

What does it say?
Nehemiah inquired about the Jews and the condition of Jerusalem. Nehemiah lamented the condition of Jerusalem and confessed that it was right for the Lord to punish Israel for their sin; he then reminds the Lord of his promise of restoration if they repent. Nehemiah was cupbearer to the king. Artaxerxes the king saw that he was sad and asked the reason; therefore, Nehemiah confessed it was because of the condition in Jerusalem and requested that the king allow him to go repair the city and the wall of the city for which the king granted him the request. Nehemiah arrived with a letter from the king to the governors of the provinces but Sanballat was displeased. Nehemiah came to Jerusalem and was there three days before he arose at night, riding on a donkey, surveying the condition of the wall. When he returned, Nehemiah revealed to the Jewish officials his plan to rebuild the wall, but when Sandballat and Tobiah heard that the Jews were rebuilding the wall they accused them of rebelling. So, the rebuilding began, first with the Sheep Gate and the high priest hung its doors. Then the Fish gate and all around the wall. Then the Old gate and the wall was being repaired by each his brother. The Valley gate and the wall. The Refuse gate and wall. The Fountain gate and each man repaired a section of the wall. And the Horse God and each repaired the section of the wall in front of his house all the way around back to the Sheep gate.

What does it mean?
The Lord God is abounding in lovingkindness and truth. Whatever he has promised will be carried out despite evil. The Lord put it in Nehemiah’s heart to repair the wall, softened the heart of king Artaxerxes and used Nehemiah to inspire the Jews. When a body of believers are united as one, a seemingly impossible task can be accomplished.

What shall I do?
I hear reports that the world is in a terrible condition. At this time, the Corona virus is said to be a global pandemic. The panic over this disease is causing economic strain. My home church (Sylvania) is not meeting on Sunday mornings but our pastor is preaching his sermon on the internet. I also know that death by war, famine, pestilence and wild beast are a result of sin.(Rev 6:7-8) So, what can I do? I can repair the wall in front of my house; preaching the law and gospel to my neighbors while taking care of my sickest neighbors in the intensive care unit.