Job 11-13

What does it say?
Zophar rebukes Job that he should confess his sin to God for the Lord knows all. Job responds that God is sovereign over all. Job says that God builds up and tears down. The Lord is all powerful, so, everything occurs by his decree. The Lord makes men powerful and tears them down. Job says that his friends accusations him and their words about God are like dust or ashes that blow away. Job trust that he will be vindicated by God. Job believes that God counts him as his enemy but does not understand the reason. 

What does it mean?
We should not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment. (Jn 7:24) Zophar judged Job according to appearance and used what he knows about God to rebuke Job. Zophar is correct to say that God sees all sin. There is nothing hidden from God, even our thoughts and desires are not hidden from the Lord. (Dan 2:22) Zophar understands this, but he does not know that Job’s loosing positions, loved ones, and physical sufferings are not because of iniquity on Job’s part. Job acknowledges the sovereignty of God more than Zophar. Job understands that God builds up and tears down but does not understand why God has torn him down. Job assumes that the Lord counts him as an enemy but trust that in the end God will always do what is right. We should be very careful to make quick judgments.

What shall I do?
I shall refrain from judging according to appearances. It is often assumed in healthcare that lifestyle is the cause of disease. This is often true but not always true. I will often hear that such and such a patient is non-compliant. Meaning that they do not follow doctors orders or the recommended guidelines for managing their chronic illness. However, when a judgment is made that so and so is non-compliant, does anyone consider the reason. If we do not know the reason we cannot judge righteously. It takes time and effort to judge righteously. Judging according to appearances takes no effort. I shall be very careful when judging other people. I need to know more than what I see. Also, I shall trust that the Lord God will always do the right thing. I may not understand why bad things happen but I must trust the Lord for he is good.