Job 14-16

What does it say?
Job says that life is short and death leaves a man unaware of anything happening on the earth. Eliphaz accuses Job of boasting with empty words. He says that Job’s wisdom is without understanding or knowledge. Eliphaz said that it is the corrupt and godless ones who have a difficult life, their end is destruction. Job calls his friends sorry comforters. If he was in their place he could choose to tear down as they are doing or he could choose to build up. Job says that he was at ease and God has shattered him and set him up as a target for ridicule. Job trust that in the end, God will be his advocate. Job desires to plead with God before the end of his days, as a man pleads with his neighbor. 

What does it mean?
Despite all that has happened to Job, even while understanding that God either caused or allowed him to suffer, he trusts that God will be his advocate and witness. Job is left without hope of anything on the earth. All of Job’s positions, servants and children were taken from him. His flesh is covered with painful boils that itch day and night. His friends who should be there to comfort him scoff at him. Words really do matter. The things that one man says to another man can either build up or tear down.

What shall I do?
Lately, except my wife, I have no contact with friends or family. I am either at work in the intensive care unit or at home with my wife because of this social distancing (quarantine) set up by our government. I am somewhat of an introverted person, but even for me, it is to much. I do, however, have much contact with the sick. Their families are restricted from the hospital, so, nurses are all that they see. My words to them must be encouraging. I need to build up and not tear down. These patients are suffering, and like me, they are isolated from family and friends, but I have the Lord and my wife. I need to be their comforter and advocate this day and everyday that I am with them.