Job 35-37

What does it say?
Elihu reproved Jobs thinking, saying that God is so much higher than you. The Lord God is so high that you cannot comprehend him. The Lord God is so high that your sins cannot hurt him, nor can your righteousness help him. Elihu says that God is mighty, but does not despise any. God reproves some that they may repent, but the godless in heart lay up anger and do not repent. Men should exalt the work of God for he is a mighty teacher of men. Elihu describes the sovereignty of God over all that he has created. God causes the lightening, the thunder, the snow and the rain to fall. God is the back of every storm. The storm does whatever the Lord commands. God uses storms for both correction and lovingkindness. Men are not able to do the mighty things of God. The Lord God does not regard man who is wise at heart; therefore, men should fear him.

What does it mean?
We cannot hurt God nor can we help God. The Lord God does not need us to accomplish anything. The Lord is almighty! The Lord God loves his children; therefore, he corrects us. God uses his creation to correct us. We should not be angered by the reproving hand of God but should repent and learn from his correction because he is our good teacher. We should be exalting God for what he does on the earth and for his reproving our sin. The things that seem bad are actually for good even though we do not understand. We should not be wise at heart but fear the Lord because he is the mighty one. 

What shall I do?
Just this morning I was lamenting the things happening on the earth because of this COVID-19 virus. So many people sick, so many people out of work, so many people isolated and churches are not meeting together. I do not understand what God is doing, but I do know the he is the sovereign of the storm. God is in control of his creation. Whether this storm is for correction, or for his world, or for lovingkindness, he is causing it to happen. (Job 37:13) I shall exalt God for what he is doing on the earth. I do not understand, but I do know that it is for good, because I know that the Lord our God is good.