Job 8-10

What does it say?
Bildad says that God rewards the good but punishes all who sin against him; therefore, Job and his sons must have sinned against God because the Lord would not reject a man of integrity. Job answers, there is no arbitrator between man and God. The Lord is all powerful; therefore, man cannot dispute against the Lord. Job believes that he is innocent but if God holds him guilty there is no disputing the Lord. Job does not understand why God has dealt this blow to his life. Job says that God knitted him together and granted him life and lovingkindness, so why did God bring him forth from his mothers womb. Was it to give him despair?

What does it mean?
Men often believe that things should be black and white. Bildad’s statement is true. Bildad believes that God rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior. However, when I survey the earth I find many of the rich and famous acting very badly. I see the poor acting badly as well, so, it cannot be as black and what as Bildad makes things out to be. Job believes that there is more to the matter. The Lord is all powerful; therefore, God can do whatever he wants to do. Job also knows that God is just; therefore, he wants to know why he has placed such adversary on him. If God will not answer, may he at least have mercy and take his eyes off of him for his remaining days.

What shall I do?
I have spent a great deal of time reading what men have to say about God’s nature but we have to true sources: creation and the scriptures.

Psalms 19:1
The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

I shall observe creation and I shall read the scriptures because these are what has been given to man to know God. I know that there is injustice on the earth. I know that through Moses God has given his law to man. I know that grace and truth came to man through Jesus Christ. (Jn 1:17) I know that we are not promised a problem free life on the earth; (Jn 16:2) however, I know that God has promised eternal life for all who believe in the Son. (Jn 3:16)