Psalms 17-20

What does it say?
Psalm 17: David prays to the Lord to save him from his enemies, those who do not love the Lord, whose portion is in this life alone: however, David believes that he will see the face of God and will be satisfied with the likeness of God when he awakes.
Psalm 18: The Lord is stronger than the enemy and is a shield for all who take refuge in him but God is astute with the crooked. 
Psalm 19: When a man looks up to the heavens he should know that God is glorious but it is the law of the Lord that is perfect for restoring a soul.
Psalm 20: David prayer for Israel is that the Lord will answer them in their times of need and that they will boast in nothing but the Lord.

What does it mean?
There are two people in this world: Those who trust in the Lord and those who do not. Those who follow the word of God and those who do not. Those who seek only for their billy and those who seek the will of God. Those who take refuge in God and those who trust in a multitude of things to protect them. There are two revelations: There is the general revelation. The general revelation is available to everyone. Everyone, whether living in the jungles of South American Ecuador or on the plains of North America can see the stars in the night sky and the sun during the day.  This general revelation should cause all to know that God is glorious. However, it is the special revelation which is the Scriptures that converts the soul. It is the special revelation that tells us about the nature of God and what he expects from us. The Lord listens to the prayers of those who trust in him alone and observe all that he commands.

What shall I do?
I shall not trust in the things that I have but trust alone in the Lord. I have been given a set of masks to wear while working in the Intensive Care Unit. These are things to protect me from contracting disease and protect others from disease if I am carrier of disease. I should use these things as prescribed but ultimately it is the Lord who will protect me. It is the Lord who created me and gave me an immune system. It is the Lord who fights disease, and if I should die because of disease, it is the promise of the Lord that I shall see his face and be transformed into his likeness at the resurrection. I shall observe the creation and glory in God for what he has created and I shall read the word of the Lord, observing what he has commands.