Psalms 21-25

What does it say?
Psalm 21: The Lord granted the king his hearts desire; eternal life and a crown of glory. The king trust in the Lord and the right hand of God will thrust out all who hate the Lord. 
Psalm 22: The psalmist feels forsaken by God because he cries by day and night and there is no reprieve from his anguish. He believes that he is a worm and not a man, for he is despised by the people who sneer at him who trust in the Lord. Despite all of this, he trust in the Lord. The enemy has surrounded him, taken his clothing, pierced his hands and feet but they did not break his bones. Despite all of this, his trust is in the Lord. The Lord hears the prayers of the afflicted who call on his name to save them. The families of the nations will come to feast and worship before him who is the Lord.
Psalm 23: The Lord is the psalmist’s shepherd. The psalmist does not fear death because he believes that he will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 24: The Lord created the earth; therefore, the earth belongs to the Lord and whatever he declares to be right is right. The Lord of hosts (God) is the king of glory who walks triumphantly through the gates of splendor. 
Psalm 25: The psalmist trust in the Lord and asks that his enemies not be exalted over him. He ask the Lord to guide him in truth and forgive his sins. He trust that the Lord pardons and instructs the humble. The Lord makes known his covenant to those who fear him. He asks the Lord to protect him from his enemies, pardon his sin and redeem Israel from troubles. 

What does it mean?
Those who are humble and fear the Lord, God helps. God is gracious to the humble and astute to the proud. Even when all seems lost and the enemy surrounds, our trust should remain steadfast in the Lord because God will rescue those who fear him. All may seem lost but we who trust in the Lord will live in the house of the Lord forever and be crowned with glory. The enemy may surround us but we must stay steadfast in devotion to following the Lord, observing all that he commanded because the earth is his. We must continue to call on the name of the Lord to deliver us from our enemies, to guide us, confess our sins, ask the Lord to forgive us and glorify his name before the nations all the days of our lives. We will enter through the gates of splendor into the house of God if we trust the Lord. 

What shall I do?
I shall trust the Lord Jesus Christ to save me from all of my enemies, to guide me on the straight and narrow path, and to forgive my sins. No matter how bad things might be, I shall trust that God is always on the thrown and he hears my cries for help. I shall remember that the Lord is gracious to the humble and astute to the proud. Therefore, I shall be humble and not proud. I shall fear the Lord Jesus Christ and observe all that he commanded.