Psalms 74-77

What does it say?
Psalm 74: The psalmist calls out to the Lord for help because the enemy has destroyed the land and there is no prophet to tell them how long the enemy will prevail. The psalmist knows that the Lord is the all powerful creator. He asks the Lord to not forget them in their affliction. He says that the enemy is actually fighting against God.

Psalm 75: God has said to the boastful, “Do not boast,” and to the wicked, “Do not speak with insolent pride.” The Lord is the one who judges and puts down and exalts. The psalmist trusts that God will abase the proud and lift up the the righteous.

Psalm 76: God is known in Judah and is his name is hallowed in Israel. All should fear God because no man can stand in the presence of God when he becomes angry. God will rise in judgment to save the humble of the earth. If you make a vow to the Lord, fulfill your vow because God is to be feared by the kings of the earth.

Psalm 77: The psalmist believes that when he cries aloud to God that God will hear him. The psalmist wonders if God will withhold his lovingkindness forever but then realizes that God has not change but it is his attitude towards God that has changed. The psalmist then decides that he should recall all that God has done in the past and meditate on his deeds. He recalls that in mighty power he led the people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.  

What does it mean?
We should remember that the Lord God is the creator and judge of the earth. There will be times in our lives that we wonder what God is doing, or for that matter, not doing. During these times we should look to the Scriptures and recall; first, the nature of God, second, the mighty deeds that God did in the past. We must wait on the Lord because God is slow to anger but he will righteously judge the earth. God will abase the proud and wicked, but he will save the humble; therefore, humble yourself and fear the Lord God who has the power to create and to destroy. 

What shall I do?
I confess that I am inpatient and wonder if the the kingdom of God will ever come to the earth. When will we all love one another as we love ourselves? Why is there so much suffering and death? Jesus Christ has suffered and died for our sins. He has risen from the dead; therefore, the enemy is already been defeated but he has not yet sat down on his glorious thrown to judge the earth. Why? What is God waiting for? I do not know; however, I do know that God is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth, and will punish the guilty. (cf. Ex. 34: 6-7) Therefore, I shall fear the Lord and patiently await is return.