Psalms 80-85

What does it say?
Psalm 80: The psalmist begins by honoring God then prays for salvation. He ask for God to shine his face upon them and restore them. He says that God removed a vine from Egypt and planted it in a cleared land but the hedges of the garden have been broken and all who pass by pick the vines fruit. The psalmist returns to his plea for salvation and restoration. 
Psalm 81: The psalmist exhorts Jacob to worship God. Then God speaks and says, “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other God’s before me.” The people did not listen to God; therefore, he gave them over but if they would listen to his word and walk in his ways God would subdue their enemies. 
Psalm 82: God judges that the rulers are judging unjustly, showing partiality to the wicked. God has given them honor as gods and sonship but they will die like men because of their unrighteousness. 
Psalm 83: The psalmist says that all the nations are conspiring to destroy God’s people. He asks God to do to these nations as he did to others in the past. He prays that God terrify them with wind and fire that they may know that the Lord is the Most High over all the earth.
Psalm 84: The dwelling places of the Lord are lovely and those who dwell in the Lord’s house are blessed. The man whose strength is in the Lord is blessed. The Lord’s favor his so good towards his anointed that he would rather stand at the threshold of the house of God than dwell in the tents of wickedness. 
Psalm 85: The psalmist says that the Lord forgave the iniquity of his people, covering all their sin in the past. However, at present his anger is towards them and he asks how long will the Lord be angry. The psalmist trust that salvation is near to those who fear the Lord.

What does it mean?
When we pray to God we should begin our prayers by honoring his name. We should then remember the commands of the Lord and pray for God’s will. We should realize and confess our sins to God before asking our request for favor. One cannot properly pray to God unless he knows the Lord and the only way to know him is by reading what God did and said in the Scriptures. We should desire to walk in the ways of God because to dwell with God is better than anything in this world. No matter what is going on at present, God will save those who fear him and trust his word.

What shall I do?
God shall have first place in everything. I shall honor his name before making any request and I shall honor his name before men. I shall remember the Lord’s commandments and observe his word. I shall confess my sins and forsake them. I shall trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation from the wrath of God.