Psalms 46-50

What does it say?
God is our strength and our refuge; therefore, we should not fear what happens on the earth. There is a river that makes glad the city of God. God will make wars to cease on the earth. God is to feared for he is in control. All people shall praise God for he is the King of all the earth. The Lord is great and should be greatly praised, in the city of God. God will establish his city forever. Take a look around the city of God and tell it to the next generation. The psalmist speaks wisdom to the rich and poor together. No man should boast in his riches because no man has the means to redeem his brother from death. Even though a man sees that all other men and beasts die, he gives no thought to his own death. The psalmist calls such a man a fool because like sheep, they are appointed for death but the psalmist trusts the Lord to redeem him from death. Do not fear the rich because like the beast, the rich will also perish. God will judge all of the earth and his judgement will be like a devouring fire. All sacrifice should be from a heart of thanksgiving because God owns everything and needs nothing; he rescues and we honor him. The wicked hate discipline and cast the words of God behind them; the wicked approve of those who steal, commit adultery and lie against their neighbor. The man who honors God with a thanksgiving sacrifice and observes his commandments; that man shall see the salvation of God.

What does it mean?
God is all powerful, all knowing and all good. God needs nothing from us but he expects to be thanked and obeyed. God should be feared and not what happens on the earth. Are earth quakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, famines and disease scary? They are but not when compared to the awesome power of God. Do not think that God does not care if we disobey his commandments and do not think that he is like us. Just because he is silent, does not mean that he approves of your disobedience to his commandments. God expects to be thanked for all that he has given us and he expects men to observe his commandments. If we trust in him, he will save us from death. No matter how rich and powerful a man thinks he is; he cannot save himself from death. God promises salvation to those who love and honor God. 

What shall I do?
It is interesting that I should read these passages this morning because I was thinking of this very subject last night. I do not offer to God livestock as a thanksgiving sacrifice. For one, I do not have livestock but I do have a body and a mind. The apostle Paul wrote that the Romans should present their bodies, a living and holy sacrifice, which is service to God, and they should not be conformed to this world, but should be transformed by the renewing of their minds to what is expectable to God. (Rom 12:1-2) Therefore, I shall give thanksgiving to God through service and I shall observe all that Christ commanded.