Ecclesiastes 5-8

What does it say?
When you speak to God chose your words wisely and do not speak to God in haste but with reverence. If you make a vow to God pay your vow. Everyone has someone watching over their actions. It is better to work for your food than to have more than you need and not work. Hoarding wealth does not help the hoarder because he cannot take it with him when he dies nor does it help others. whom he could have helped. Use the wealth that God has given you to celebrate with others during the few years that you have life. Being rich and alone is no life at all. Be satisfied with what God has given you because envy only hurts the envious. Man is not the creator, nor sovereign, and he does not know what will be after him. God has made prosperity and adversity, when in adversity consider God. Trying to be perfect is worrisome, so why ruin yourself? However, fear God and love your neighbor. Do not worry about everything that people might say about you because you likely have cursed others. The preacher set his mind to seek wisdom and know the evil of folly. God has made man upright, but they have sought out many devices. Wisdom illuminates a matter. Do not question the authority that God has put over you. Man cannot restrain the wind or the day of death. Fear God and do good, for it is well for those who do. In this world, often, bad things happen to the righteous and good things happen to evil men; so, enjoy what enjoy the good things of life while you have them. You cannot discover all knowledge. 

What does it mean?
Man is not sovereign; therefore, man should fear God and do good for his neighbor. There is no purpose in hoarding wealth and living alone. God has given prosperity for our happiness and adversity so that we will consider God. It is good to live a joyous life, using the things that God has given for our use. Living with a chip on your shoulder that can easily be knocked off by the words of the others is a waste of life. People are going to do wrong, so don’t worry about what others are doing or saying about you. Enjoy the life that God has given you because your years are short, to short to worry about everything. Love God and love your neighbor and you do well.

What shall I do?
Living in quarantine has been difficult. I go to work and come home. Every other day is the same. A day at work in the CVICU and a day at home. We are not spending much money because we are not out in the community eating, drinking and being merry. It is good to live and enjoy the things that God has given because life is short. I shall remember that everyone has authority over them. Only the Lord is God. I shall fear the Lord and love my neighbor with the things that God has given me.

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