Ecclesiastes 9-12

What does it say?
Everything in our lives is in the hands of God. There is one fate for all and that fate is death. Enjoy life with the woman whom God has given you all the days of your fleeting life. Do whatever your hands have found to do. You do not know how much time you have to live. You may never be remembered for your wisdom and work but it is better to be wise than a fool. When a ruler becomes angry, keep your composure and maintain your position. The best person for the job may not be the one who has it. Life is dangerous but do not be afraid to live it, for no man knows what will happen and no one can tell him what will come after him; however, live wisely and not as a fool. You cannot discern the activity of God by watching the creation. No one knows what will work best. Rejoice in all the years that you live but remember the days of darkness. Childhood and the prime of life are fleeting; therefore, take care how you live when you are young because you will pay for it when you are holder and God brings you to judgment. Remember your Creator in the days of your youth because you will grow old, your body will return to the earth and your spirit will return to God who gave it. It is good to read books and write but to much devotion to books can be wearisome. The preachers conclusion to living life: fear God and keep his word because in the end, God will bring every deed and thought to judgment and nothing is hidden from God. 

What does it mean?
Our lives are in the hands of the Living God who created us and gave us life. It is good to enjoy all that God has given to us during this life but within the parameters that He has prescribed in His word. It is best to consider God while you are young because you will grow old and die and after death comes judgment. We should enjoy those around us and the good things that God has given us and we should not be idol but working all the days of our lives. It is good to study and learn but you also need recreation. The best way to live, is to have a balanced amount of learning, working and recreation. Spending to much time on one of these, while neglecting the others is not good. Always be observing the word of God because we are all accountable to our creator. We are free to live within the boundaries that God has set in His word.

What shall I do?
I shall always be learning and teaching others; I shall always be working with my hands for the good of other people; and I shall always be enjoying my wife and the things that God has given to us. I have an allotted time to live and do not know the time. I shall live to the fullness today but always in consideration of my Creator. I am free to do whatever I have found it in my hands to do within the boundaries that God has set. True freedom is knowing those boundaries and living to the fullest inside those boundaries. I know that some day I will die. My body will return to the earth and my spirit will return to God. I will be judged for everything that I did, said and thought while in the body. I know that I have already been justified, by His grace, through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; therefore, I shall honor God, exalt Jesus Christ and seek the good of my neighbor.