Genesis 20-23

What does it say?
Again, Abraham lied about his wife Sarah, telling  Abimelech that Sarah is his sister, so Abimelech took Sarah into his house. God had compassion on Abimelech and spoke to him in a dream, keeping him from sinning against God by sleeping with Sarah. Abimelech gave Sarah back to Abraham along with livestock and slaves, then he questioned why Abraham would do this and cause Abimelech to make a decision that would be sin against God. The answer that Abraham gave was self-preservation. Sarah conceived and bore a son for Isaac at the appointed time and named him Isaac. When the child was eight days old, Abraham circumcised Isaac just as the Lord commanded. Sarah demanded that Abraham send Hagar and her son away. The Lord told Abraham to trust him, and do as she says, for his descendants would be named through Isaac but God would also make a great nation of the maid Hagar’s son. Hagar and her son were dying of thirst in the desert and God heard their cries; therefore, He provided them with water to drink and the lad grew strong while living in the wilderness under the protection of God. Abraham made a covenant with Abimelech before God, that they would not attack one another. God told Abraham to offer Isaac as a burnt on a mountain that He would designate. When Abraham was about to kill Isaac, the Lord stopped him form killing Isaac and provided a ram as a substitute offering. The Lord blessed Abraham because he had feared God and obeyed His voice. Abraham received word that his brother Nahor was given many children. Sarah died at the age of 127 and Abraham purchased a field, with a cave from the Hittites to bury her. The field with the cave faced the city Hebron and Abraham buried his wife Sarah in it. 

What shall I do?
I shall love my neighbor as myself and give them the information that is best for their decision making, which may not be what is best for myself. Lying is always selfish. The liar always has self-interest at heart when he/she lies to another. The Lord will always do what He has said that He will do. The Lord told Abraham that Sarah would conceive and give Abraham a son from his loins. The Lord did exactly what He told Abraham He would do and at the appointed time. The Lord told Abraham to trust Him with his two sons. First , his son through Hagar, Sarah’s Egyptian made. Second, his son Isaac, his son through Sarah his wife. When Sarah wanted Abraham to send away Hagar with her son, the Lord told Abraham to trust the Lord to take care of his son and do what Sarah demanded. Then the Lord commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only remaining son, his only son through his wife Sarah. Abraham obeyed the voice of God and the Lord provided a substitute. I shall trust the word of the Lord, for the Lord our God will always do what He has promised to do and the Lord our God will always do what is right. God did what was right in stopping Abimelech from sinning, God did what was right in taking care of Ismael in the wilderness. God did what was right in stopping Abraham from killing Isaac and even provided a substitute offering. However, the Lord expects us to trust His word and do what He commands, even when it makes no logical since. I shall trust the word of the Lord our God in Jesus Christ, the only begotten God, the word who become flesh. I see people die all of the time in the intensive care unit but I have never seen someone rise from the dead. The Lord has promised to return and raise us from the dead and give us eternal life in the new heaven and the new earth which is yet to come. I shall trust the voice of God!