Proverbs 10-15

Today, I will be reading Proverbs 10-15 and making comments on the text a chapter at a time. This section transitions to general proverbial sayings.

Proverbs 10 
These are general principles to live by and this chapter contrast the righteous and the wicked. Do you want to live a long life and do well before God and men? Then do what the righteous man does and not what wicked men do. These are general principles for life and not hard and fast laws but generally speaking what is said is what normally will occur. 

Proverbs 11
This chapter continues to contrast the righteous way of life and the wicked way of life; however, in this chapter the result is one of love rather than prospering physically as was the case in chapter 10. Live a life that honors the Lord and love ones neighbor is the righteous way. Live dishonorably and hating ones neighbor is the wicked way. Each will receive a just reward.

Proverbs 12
A man who daily reads these proverbs does well because this is the beginning of knowledge. These proverbs continue to contrast the righteous and the wicked; however, with regards to the mouth. Listen to righteous council and do not listen to the council of the wicked.

Proverbs 13
This chapter begins with a wise son receiving discipline from his father and concludes with a loving father disciplining his son. The righteous receive and give discipline but fools despise discipline. Discipline is not abuse. I think that some are confused. What they call discipline is actually abuse. If it is done in anger then it is likely not discipline but if done in love with an intent to teach, this is discipline. 

Proverbs 14
As I read these proverbs contrasting the righteous and the unrighteous social media comes to mind. The sayings of the righteous bring joy but the sayings of the wicked strife.

Proverbs 15
What our society needs is instruction for wisdom. Proverbs is very eastern; therefore, not used in western thinking. Our thinking is reactive rather than proactive. It would be good for a man to have these proverbial sayings in mind, so that he will think wisely before saying or doing anything at all.

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