Proverbs 16-18

This morning, I will be reading Proverbs 16-18 and making comments while I read; however, I will not be commenting on every verse but on those which apply in my life. All of these texts are single thoughts contrasting the upright and the wicked.

I have thought what I was doing was for my neighbor but it was actually done for my own glory. The scripture says the Lord made the wicked for the day of evil. I confess that this is difficult. Yes, I would rather be poor and walk in the way of Christ than be rich and evil. Sanctification is an interesting things because it is man thinking and God directing his steps. Rulers are established to deal out justice. Wisdom and understanding are the most valuable things on earth. When I have been most vulnerable to fall was when I was prideful. We think that we know what we are doing, “I got this!” However, we are like children who need the guiding hand of a Father and the word does that. It is for hunger that a man works and it is for the good of the people. Being slow to anger is better then might because it is difficult to be slow to anger and ruling ones spirit takes a great deal of strength. It is often the case that the poor are mocked and it is always a bad thing for the Lord made both the rich and the poor, all bear the image of almighty God. Seek love and let go of your hard feelings towards your brother and do not allow those feelings for being wronged in the past affect your relationship in the present. We have to let go of past hurts. Once the dam holding back our anger breaks it comes out as a flood and nearly impossible to contain. I have experienced this and even while yelling and stomping my feet I thought, “Stop it!” and was not able to do so. A judge should judge all matters according to the law and not his prejudice. Raising children is difficult and adult children are even more so, when they are going their own way. It can cause a father and mother grief. Having a cool spirit and being slow to anger and holding ones tongue seem to be held in honor in these proverbs. You cannot sound foolish if you keep quite. Fools want to be heard. There are also many proverbs regarding right judgment, not showing partiality towards the wicked, nor to condemn the righteous. Whispering is done quietly but can really cause a great deal of trouble or it can be a good thing. Our words really matter. When not sure which path to take, run to the Lord, He is always safe. It is easy to trust in large bank accounts but these do nothing for your health, both the rich and the poor die. Do you ever think about your next argument rather than listen to your opponent, I know that I have and this is not good. Once you offended someone it is difficult to win them back; therefore, it is better not to offend at all. If you are to give advice, way out the consequences; ask, is it worth offending my neighbor over? The most powerful thing that we have is our words. We can build someone up with our words or we can crush them. It is prudent to use our words wisely. It is true that a wife is a good thing. My wife is the best thing in my life.