Proverbs 19-21

This morning I am reading Proverbs 19-21 and these are my thoughts. The proverbs before contrasted the righteous and the wicked but these proverbs are general sayings on life and conduct. 

Proverbs 19
It is good to be wealthy because you will have many friends and bad to be poor because you will be separated from friends. This is true to the extent that a rich man is generous and gives gifts. There is much written against lying in the proverbs. The 9th commandment: “You shall not testify falsely against your neighbor” is understood as a general prohibition against lying. We should be gracious to the poor because doing so is giving to the Lord.  We should always be kind and truthful, both of these are the way to live life and conduct ourselves everyday. 

Proverbs 20
It is not wise to be a drinker. There has been much debate about this in Christian life because Jesus and his disciples drank wine. The difference is strong drink and intoxication. A glass of wine with a dinner is not a problem but drinking regularly to feel a buz is a problem. It is difficult to distinguish between the truly poor and the sluggard. I am continually thinking about things but not much has come to be. Not a single person on the earth is without sin. I can confidently say this without knowing you because the word of God says that it is so. However, I do not know what you struggle with unless I know you. The Lord hates lying and swindling. The entire advertising system is set up on these, not to mention coveting. You might think it a good idea to steal but it never is. Nurses gossip about other nurses and this always causes decent on the unit. The Lord has said and this proverb agrees that we should not repay evil with evil but should wait on the salvation of the Lord. My entire life has been ordained by God. I do not know what will occur in the future. I can surmise future events based on past events but I walk through life not knowing what lays ahead. A young man’s glory is his strength and the honor of old men is their gray hair. If this is regarding wisdom gained with age I understand but otherwise what good is grey hair. I have lost much strength and my head has become very grey. I hope I have become wiser because my strength has wained. 

Proverbs 21
Everyone thinks “I am right.” We are little gods. The Lord knows our hearts and there are none righteous. I must walk humbly before the Lord at all times. Lying is a continued theme in these proverbs and is always spoken against, whether it be a false witness or in business. Many a man has understood that it is difficult to live with a contentious woman. However, why is this woman so contentious? Perhaps it is something that I have done or not doing. We should hear the cry of the poor and help them but how am I to distinguish between the truly poor and the sluggard? It is difficult to find trouble when quite but speaking the wrong words can often lead to disaster. I think that this is the reason for being quick to listen and slow to speak. The sluggard desires good things but is not willing to work for it but the righteous gives and does not hold back. Why are men different? Why is one man a hard worker who gives and another a sluggard who takes?