Proverbs 22-23

This morning, I am writing my thoughts as I read Proverbs 22-23. These are general proverbial sayings on life and conduct. Many of the sayings are only applicable in the historical-cultural context in which they were written but much of them are applicable in my life today. It is on these I will be making comments as they apply in my context.

Proverbs 22
I once had a good name in the CVICU. I had a reputation with the other nurses as the go to guy when they had question about care and the physicians trusted my judgment. I recently went back to the unit after being gone for 1 1/2 years. There had been a total turnover of the nursing staff. The physicians have been replaced on the unit by nurse practitioners and Physician assistance. Not many no me, so I feel as though my good name has been lost. Yes, a good name is more desirable than gold. God is the maker of us all; therefore, all should be honored no matter their financial status. It bothers me that my hospital holds the wealthy patients in high regard, putting them in special rooms and other amenities. Is it true that if you train up a child in the way he should go that he will never depart from it? However, raising a child today is difficult because you are not the only one raising your child. The culture is raising your child. It is true that the rich rule over the poor and the borrower becomes the lenders slave. Who are the leaders in America but the rich because they are the ones who can offered an election campaign. When you borrow many, you are working to pay interest to the lender; therefore, you are the lenders slave. A person should be learning all the days of their lives. The word of the Lord teaches us, so that we may know and trust the Lord. I receive the word of the Lord daily as if I am overseas and I long to hear a word from home. Many people like to stir up trouble and you will find many trouble makers today on Facebook and Twitter. Some of the post there, are meant to capture you into anger. Whatever your profession, do it well!

Proverbs 23
Some seek after wealth all the days of their lives only to die and someone else spend it. I watched this happen with my father. I have done a great deal of open-air preaching in the past, and Lord willing would like to do so again. Wisdom says not speak in the hearing of the fool because he will despise the wisdom of your words. Wisdom in this is to not argue with those who want to argue. This does nothing but distract from telling people about Jesus Christ. There are many sayings in these proverbs about disciplining a child. We should never be envious of what those who are not following the Lord have in the present world. This world is coming to an end and all who follow the Lord are rich in the grace of God. We have a future but the way of the wicked will be cut off. The last seven verses are a prohibition against drinking. My father was an alcoholic and his father before him. My brother was an alcoholic and drug abuser. I have seen the damages that drinking can cause; therefore, I want no part with it! It pains me when someone stands in the pulpit and defends drinking alcohol. Yes, it causes me a great deal of pain!