Proverbs 24-26

This morning I read and wrote comments on Proverbs 24-26.

Proverbs 24
By wisdom and understanding men are able to accomplish things. Without these we plod through life without making plans or knowing where we are going. We cannot live life alone. If we do not know something it is wise to take counsel from the knowing. If you know that something devious is happening, the right thing to do is to speak and take action. Men and women across the world are headed for death. They stagger through life on their way to slaughter. We have the words of life so preach the gospel. When your enemy falls, do not rejoice because this is not pleasing to the Lord. It would be better if he had come to repentance. We should fear God and the king. All authority has been given by God. Paul understood this even in the context of the Roman government which oppressed the people. There is wisdom for rulers. Rulers should not show partiality in judgment. Doing so will anger the people and make his ruling much more difficult than it needs to be. The right thing to do is to love our neighbor with what we say about them to others and in our actions. Never take vengeance against your neighbor. Leaving things undone to rest a little longer causes things to build up. It is much more difficult to clean up a large pile then to continually through away your trash. 

Proverbs 25
It is not right for men to exalt themselves. It is God who places men on the thrown. All glory and honor belongs to the Lord. It is better to plead with your neighbor privately because once the matter becomes public you might be embarrassed. This is how Jesus said to deal with a matter. Use your words wisely. There is a right time to say everything and there is a wrong time. There is a right time to rebuke someone and wisdom understands the right time. This negates speaking in anger. Sweets are good in moderation but to many sweet things will make you sick. Visiting ones neighbors occasionally is good but never think that you have the run of the place and are free to come and go as you please. People who lie against their neighbors are horrible. We should always be kind to our enemies because this is the way of the Lord. If your enemy returns evil for your doing good it is to his own demise, God will judge him. When you find out that people have been talking behind your back does it not change the way you feel, then do not talk secretly about others. There is no glory in seeking glory. True glory is given.

Proverbs 26
There is a way to answer a fool but the right way is not the way that he speaks. Arguing with a fool honors him because it gives the appearance that he might have a point. We should learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them. Do you believe that your idea is best? Are you willing to listen to others? A wise man has ears to listen because he understands that he does not know everything. The proverbs have much to say about the lazy man and it is always negative. If two men are arguing do not become involved or you may become injured. Some people like to stir up trouble. This is the reality in the world that we live in but a wise person is in control of their emotions. 

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