Proverbs 27-29

What does it say?
In this section, I usually write single sentences, summarizing each paragraph into individual thoughts. However, most Proverbs are given as individual thoughts. Therefore, until the text returns to larger thoughts in paragraph form, I will begin by answering, What does it mean?

What does it mean?
We have no idea what is coming. Praising oneself is just silly and not worth anything but to be acknowledged by others without seeking it is good. It is better to be rebuked than ignored. It is good to be careful as we walk through this world. We should always be kind and consider the others situation before greeting our friends. It is impossible to constrain people who are contentious. Men need other men to help them in this life. Whatever is in a persons heart will eventually be revealed. People always desire more than what they have. You need to care of the things that God has given you and this requires your attention. When a person has done something wrong they are worried all the time that someone is going to find. If observe the commandments of Jesus Christ, you will be at conflict with the world. It is better to be righteous than rich. If you are not following the Son, do not expect the Father to hear your requests. Do not hide the things that you have done wrong; confess what you have done wrong and never do it again. Use the time that God has given you wisely. It is best to always be truthful with people in every situation. The Scriptures make it very clear, “Do not trust your heart!” Instead, your mind and do what is wise. People who give to those in need do not have want because their concern is for others and not for themselves. Continually seeking physical pleasure is a waste of wealth and life. A government that is just is a stable government but a corrupt government will come to an end. We should always be concerned for the weakest amongst us. It is wise to hold your temper. God created everyone and we do well to remember that. Children should not run the household but in many homes the child gets his own way. Always be slow to speak or you may regret what you have said. Do not rejoice with unrighteousness but rejoices with the truth. 

What shall I do?
I do not know what the day ahead of me will bring; therefore, I shall not boast in anything but the Lord Jesus Christ. I shall not rush ahead but walk carefully throughout this life. There are people around me hurting and I do not know it. No matter how I may feel at the moment, I need to consider the other persons situation and speak kindly to everyone but not with a loud voice. Though I am a shy man, I desire community because we need each other. I shall not be envious of what others have. I shall take care of what God has given me. If I have wronged anyone, I shall confess what I have done and seek to never do it again. Should I be truthful or risk hurting someones feelings? It depends on the situation. I shall not evaluate anything with my heart but with my mind. Being lead by emotions causes all kinds of problems. I shall make decisions based in wisdom with understanding. I shall care for my neighbor but speak and act with wisdom and with understanding.

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