Psalms 146-150

Psalm 146
Do not trust in the leaders of this world no matter how great they are; they will perish and their promises with them, but the promises of the Lord are forever. The way of the Lord is to love righteousness, protect strangers and support the fatherless but not the way of the wicked. 

Psalm 147
It is good to sing praises to the Lord our God because he is all powerful, all knowing and all good. The Lord sustains His creation and is not impressed by physical strength but He is favorable to those who fear Him and wait on His lovingkindness. Church, praise the Lord who is sovereign in heaven and on earth; the Lord has chosen You out of the nations and given You His word. 

Psalm 148
The Lord created the heavens and all that is in the universe; therefore, all that is in the universe should praise the Lord. The Lord God created the earth and all of the creatures on the earth; therefore, all of the kings of the earth and people should praise the Lord. Praise the name of the Lord (Jesus Christ) for His glory is above earth and heaven. 

Psalm 149
Praise the Lord who created You with dancing and music because the Lord (Jesus Christ) is your King. Praise the Lord with your mouth, with the word of God in your hand, warn of judgment on the nations. 

Psalm 150
Praise the Lord at church and praise Him outdoors; praise the Lord for all that He has done. Praise the Lord with instruments, with dancing and with your mouth. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ!