Psalms 140-145

Psalms 140-145

Pray to the Lord for deliverance from evil people who stir up trouble through the use words. The wicked will set traps to try and catch the innocent. Therefore, pray to the Lord that the plans of the wicked will not prevail. Trust that the Lord will judge the wicked righteously and up hold justice for the afflicted. 

Pray to the Lord to keep you from temptation. The man who has righteous friends who rebuke him when he is headed into sin is truly blessed of the Lord. Sin is a trap but God will not leave His elect defenseless. 

Declare your troubles to the Lord and cry for help when in distress. Trust that the Lord hears your prayers and will deliver you from evil. 

Pray to the Lord to deliver you from judgment, for no man living is righteous in the eyes of God. Longingly pray for the Lord, desire the Lord as though you were extremely thirsty. Take refuge in the Lord and trust in His lovingkindness, ask Him to teach you His ways. Ask the Lord to send His Holy Spirit, to lead you on the way, then serve the Lord all the days of your life.

A man’s life is very short, yet God takes note of our lives. Therefore, pray to the Lord to rescue you from lying words and deceitful works. Sing praises to the Lord for He delivers those who trust in Him from lying words and deceitful works. Pray for the kingdom of God to come to the earth.

Tell the next generation the good things that the Lord has done for you, giving blessing and praise to His name. Tell the sons of men about the mighty acts of God; about His slowness to anger and His lovingkindness; tell them about the everlasting kingdom of the Lord. Give the Lord credit for every good thing on the earth. The Lord is righteous, yet near to those who call on Him in faith; He will save those who call on Him in truth but the wicked He will destroy.