Psalms 133-139

Psalm 133-139

It is extremely good when brothers are united. Servants of the Lord who work even at night should worship the Lord who created heaven and earth. Praise the Lord for He is good for He choose you as His own. Whatever pleases the Lord He does. The Lord has done mighty things on the earth and He will judge His people and have compassion on His servants; all other supposed god’s are created by men. Have respect for the Lord, bless Him and praise Him. The Lord made the universe and all that is in it, we should give thanks to the Lord for His consideration for His elect is forever. The Lord has, the Lord is and the Lord will save us because His consideration for His elect is forever. The Lord gives to us all that we need because His consideration for His elect is forever. Going your own way takes you away from the Lord. Remember the Lord wherever you are. Those who are against the Lord’s elect will be repaid for their unkindness. Sing praises to the Lord for His grace and truth. Though the Lord is higher than any man He gives grace to the humble but He stays away from the proud. Trust that the Lord will come against the enemy on your behalf. The Lord knows every tiny detail about us, even our most secret thoughts are not hidden from the Lord. There is nowhere to hide from the Lord because He is present everywhere and at all times. You where created by the Lord and the days of your life were set by Him. That the Lord would think of us at all is wonderful. Pray to the Lord to search your heart and lead you to eternal life. 

The Lord God created heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them. The Lord God is all powerful, all knowing, all present and all good. There is nothing that the Lord is not capable of doing. There is nothing that the Lord does not know. There is no where that man can hide from the Lord. The Lord does whatever He wants to do, however He wants to do it. The Lord is gracious to the humble but aloft from the proud. I shall walk humbly before the Lord and serve Him for He has compassion on is servants. I shall understand that I did not choose to be born of my mothers womb. It was the Lord who created me and knitted me together. The Lord knows everything about me; therefore, I shall walk humbly before the Lord, revere Him, bless Him and praise Him in whatever He has given me to do; for He is Lord and I am but His humble servant.

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