Matthew 8

What does it mean?
Jesus did something that only God could do, he healed a man of leprosy and the immediacy of this healing was a visible miracle to both the disciples and the priest whom the man presented himself to make his offering to God. This is also a demonstration of compassion. People with leprosy were excluded from society and if they came around others they were to shout “Unclean,” so that the people new to stay away. Jesus could have cleansed this man with a word, but he stretched out his hand and touched him, this is true compassion. (vv. 1-4)
Jesus had done many mighty miracles, yet many an Israelite did not believe but this centurion, whom all of Israel would consider an outside the kingdom believed. Justification is not based on blood lines but on faith in Jesus. Jesus declared that many gentiles would be in the kingdom and many descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would be thrown out of the kingdom. (vv. 5-13) 
Jesus was healing all who were brought to him both demon-possessed and ill. This was in fulfillment of messianic prophecy, leaving no doubt that Jesus is the Messiah. This even occurred in Peter’s household because Jesus healed his mother-in-law. (vv. 14-17)
To be a disciples of Jesus, you must be willing to leave everything behind and willing to endure much difficulties. (vv. 18-22)
Jesus lived without fear but the disciples feared the destructive forces of the wind and the waves. Jesus demonstrated that he was God in human flesh when expressed authority over the wind and the sea. (vv. 23-27)
The demons (fallen angels) new who Jesus was and they feared him because he is the one who has the power to cast into hell. Jesus is the God-Man, he is fully God and fully Man in a single person. The people of that city rejected him. (vv. 28-34)

What should I do?
I should have compassion for my patients and demonstrate compassion with kind words and the touch of my hands. Some of my patients are in isolation because of infection. I should trust that God is able to do whatever he wants to do, however he wants to do it. I should see that Jesus is God in human flesh; therefore, I should trust his authority over everything. I should realize that justification is based on faith alone in Jesus alone. There is no other salvation for mankind, no descendant of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob will be saved unless they believe in Jesus. I should, therefore, preach Jesus to all. If following Jesus means leaving everything and everyone that I hold dear, I should be willing to do so. If following Jesus means suffering in this life I should be willing to suffer for Jesus sake. I should not fear the things of this world because Jesus has promised eternal life to all who follow him but I should fear Jesus alone because he has the power to cast into hell.